Google Business View

What is Business View?

Google Business View brings familiar Street View technology inside your business allowing your customers to take a virtual tour through your premises from the comfort of their PC, tablet or mobile phone.

For years Google Street View has allowed people to click up and down your street, now they can click in to your business.

Showcase what your shop/showroom/restaurant/pub/hotel/salon/office has to offer and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Independent studies have shown that 90% of people search for local businesses online and premises with a virtual tour can increase foot fall into a business by as much as 20% or more.

How it benefits your business?

Having a Business View virtual tour increases your online presence across many different products and platforms - even if you do not have a website. Allowing you to be found quicker and easier by those all-important potential customers.

Google Search results pages

One of very few ways you can enhance your foot print in Google organic search results.

Google Maps

Add direct links into your business within Google Maps and stand out with extra imagery.

Local listings

Increased exposure for your business as people search for local businesses using their mobile phones.

Street View

Allow customers to jump straight inside your business from their Street View browsing.

Google Now

Appear in Google's advanced mobile phone search system for both keyboard and voice searches.


Make your Google+ business profile page stand out with a virtual tour and professional photography.

Your own website

Add the virtual tour to your own website with a simple one line copy/paste. No complicated programming required.

Social media

Easy add your virtual tour to your Facebook page and other social media profiles.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

The cost and time required for the virtual tour is dependent upon the size of your business. As an example, a tour for a small business starts from £200, usually takes under an hour to shoot and normally appears on Google within 2 weeks (all virtual tours are moderated by Google for quality and security purposes). The cost and time required increases with the size of the business based on the number of tripod locations used to create the 360 degree views. Large tours are still normally available on Google within 2 weeks.

Business View Example

Below is an example of one of our shoots. The location is Wheatley Projects in Kimberley, Nottinghamshire. A fantastic small business specialising in flooring. The virtual tour is a great showcase of the range of products they have to offer.


If you're interested in having Google Business View for your business or would like some more information then contact us. We are happy to have a chat about it and if you decide to go ahead then we will arrange a suitable time to visit.

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